High Pressure Fogging

  • published : 2017/11/05
  • Categories : main
High pressure Fog cooling is a method of inlet cooling where demineralized water is converted into fine fog droplets by means of specially designed atomizing nozzles operating at pressures between, 70 to 150 barg . As the fog evaporates in the intake duct, it cools the air. This technique can achieve close to 100% evaporative cooling effectiveness in terms of attaining the wet-bulb temperature at the compressor inlet under design conditions.
The fogging nozzle is the heart of the inlet fogging system and great care should be taken when selecting the Nozzle for your system. Rahavard Energy offers its clients a type of Impaction pin nozzles, which  is famous for its fine droplet size & effectiveness.


Our fogging systems operate through a predictive control loop which calculate, from ambient conditions, the quantity of water to be injected in the air inlet to reach water saturation and then sets this level by applying staging or variable speed control pumps.
With an investment cost of less than 50$ per kilowatt of additional capacity, gas turbine inlet fogging represents one of the  most cost-effective power enhancement technology.