Media Evaporative Cooling

  • published : 2017/11/05
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The simple operation of Media cooler as a kind of evaporative cooling system has made it an appropriate solution for gas turbine power augmentation. The evaporation surface consists of media pads which are made of fibrous corrugated materials. Water is introduced through a header at the top of the media and is deflected downward on the distribution pads and wets an enormous area of the pads contacted by the passing air. For water evaporation process, the required enthalpy is absorbed from the passing air, causing a decrease in air dry-bulb temperature.
Such system is used as a preferred method in dry-hot climates, which can be expected to boost gas turbine output power about 10-15%.

Main advantages of Media evaporative cooling:
-Upstream installation of Media cooler, hence water carry-over can be minimized
-Using soft water instead of Demin water
-Inlet air pre-filtrartion effect which result to air filters life cycle extension
-Simple & fast installation/maintenance

Media cooler for Hitachi H25- IslamAbad GTPP

Media cooler for V94.2 GT- Yazd CCPP

Technical Note:

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