• published : 2017/11/17
  • Categories : About us

Welcome to Rahavard Energy Co.

Rahavard Energy Raya co. (P.J.S) was founded in Tehran, Iran in 2016 with the aim of working in the area of Energy Management and Engineering Services. This includes projects in the industry fields of electricity, oil, gas, petrochemical, etc.
Rahavard Energy started its activities as a subsidiary of E-Man Serve co, which is the first & biggest EPC company in the field of “Turbine Inlet Air Cooling” systems in Iran.
From beginning of 2017, all the activities in this filed was awarded to Rahavard Energy co, which is founded by Top managers of Eman’s Energy Division.
Rahavard Energy Mainly focused on Turbine Inlet Air Cooling technologies, called TIAC systems. Media Evaporative & High-pressure Fog system are the two main technologies being offered by Rahavard.
Recently Rahavard added the Turbine inlet air Chilling technology with zero water usage to its services by help of its well-known European Partner.
As the cooling systems need treated water for operation, Rahavard offers water treatment systems to the customers. This include Reverse osmosis (R.O) or Demin plants.