Turbine Inlet Air Cooling

 Turbine Inlet Air Cooling Technologies (TIAC)

Gas turbines output power decreases with respect to ISO design condition when ambient temperature rises significantly. The results show reductions of power to be about 0.5-0.9, due to each °C ambient air temperature growth.

On the other hand, demand for electric power and the value of electricity are greatest at those times of high ambient air temperature, when Grid loads are maximized.
Statics show more than 5000MW different between summer & winter production of Gas Turbine power plants in Iran which rises by the above-mentioned problem.
Cooling the inlet air is a common way to retrieve the turbine lost power. It increases mass flow rate of the inlet air, so more work is done by the gas turbine.

 The cooling technologies can be categorized as the following:
Rahavard Energy offers all the above-mentioned Technologies according to the site condition and the customers need.
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