Kaveh CCPP Media Cooling System inauguration ceremony

July.2017, Kaveh CCPP Media cooling system inaugurated by officials of Iran’s Ministery of Energy and Khorasan Power Generation co.
Total cost of the project was US $ 2.2 million, funded by Iran’s Ministry of Energy, to enhance power output of 4*V94.2 GTs up to 55MW totally, during hot summer peak hours. This enhancement is worthy as the Grid suffers from demand rise- because of ambient air temperature rise- from June to August.
“The project successfully achieved its goals by capabilities and competencies of Iranian engineers, experts and employees” CEO of Khorasan Power Generation co, Mr. Zaer Taraghi, stated. He noted that investment in TIAC system, reduces the initial cost to 1/8 in comparison to new GTs installation,which is worthy to the Government.