The official inauguration of the TIAC project of Zagros CCPP

With the presence of the H.E President of Iran, Mr. Rouhani, via video conference, on Thursday, March 21, 2021, the project to increase the capacity of gas units No. 3 and 4 of Zagros Kowsar Power Plant was inaugurated.

In this opening ceremony, Dr. Jafari, CEO of Zagros Kowsar Power Generation Company, stated that the design and implementation of this project on units 3 and 4 has been done by a capable domestic company (Rahavard Energy co.), which increased the practical power of the two gas units by 32 megawatts.

He added: This important project will play a significant role in supplying electricity to the country’s national network during the summer peak when electricity consumption is very high. Also, considering that Zagros power plant is directly connected to Iraq’s Diyala electricity transmission line, this will increase the electricity export capability to Iraq.

Also, Engineer Hamid Ebrahimpour, CEO of Rahavard Energy Company, while explaining the process of implementing the project in the difficult conditions of the Corona virus outbreak, appreciated the empathy of all the project partners and the client’s support. He also expressed hope for the continuation of TIAC projects in the future and requested for more support from the honorable Ministry of Energy and the cooperation of the private sector.