Seminar of “Introduction of Gas Turbine Inlet Air Cooling systems” at Monenco Iran co.

Nov.2017, Seminar of ” Introduction of Gas Turbine Inlet Air Cooling systems” held at Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers co.  by Rahavard Energy.
In this seminar, different methods of GT Inlet Air Cooling (GTIAC) described by Rahavard Energy’s Technical team, focusing on Evaporative methods.
Then, APINA’s Technical Managers described  the theory of Refregirative cooling systems and  the company’s achievement and progress in this field. As a case study, technical characteristics of the “largest thermal energy storage project in the world implemented by APINA” discussed and investigated.
Finally, Rahavard & APINA stated their desire to cooperate with Monenco and do any Techno-Commercial study of the plants in the country.